From customer pain point to solution in 30 minutes

Building connections to your customers or suppliers is getting easier - Many new tools are available for the SME to connect and share data, tasks and everything else that crops up during your business day.

At Apptimi, we’re always in conversations with business, listening to their issues , their pain points as we call them.

The Pain Point

One such customer had a major pain point - Sharing and managing forms with contractors and agency staff - This was a construction management business that managed many outside contractors and needed to record and track their training certifications before permitting them access to sites - Health and Safety training, Climbing at height, specialist training and more. Their current system used paper, lots of paper, the worlds favorite app Excel and you guessed it, a fax.

Managing this process took time. Time from everyone involved including the contractors, admin staff, health and safety and more. When they approached Apptimi looking for a solution we jumped right in.

Step 1 Build a Database

Here’s what we did. Using our Database designer tool we created a database and form to record details of training. This database recorded everything from the Contractor, training dates, expiration and even allowed for attaching of training certificates and other documentation. We even connected the database to the Apptimi reminder app so that admin staff could be notified when a contractors training certification was about to expire.

Time: 10 minutes.

Step 2 Share the database

Next we created a Meeting Space - This is our Collaboration and Sharing app that allows a business to share,collaborate and interact with customers or suppliers. We shared the database in the Meeting Space so anyone invited to this Meeting Space can access the database.

Time: 1 Minute

Step 3 Add the Contractors to the Meeting Space

This is as simple as adding the contractor to the Apptimi Contact manager, then sharing the Meeting Space with this contact. That's it. No logins or passwords to manage and the contractor still has a secure and private Meeting Space to use. 

When this Contact connects to Apptimi they can open the database and add their training or update existing records.

When they fill in the database form, Apptimi updates the database and runs any notifications, workflow or other rules that have been added to the database.

Step 4 There is no step 4. We're live.

Time from start to going live with the first Contact/Contractor:  30 Minutes.

What Apptimi has done here is reduce a business activity that usually took days, much time and administration and support, and therefore cost and reduced it to something that only takes minutes to complete. It also moved the burden of managing training records from the business out to the contractor.

Meeting Spaces also provided another productivity improvement - Instead of endless emails back and forth between the business and the contractor, the Contractors used the Meeting Space to send messages. feedback and comments to the business. This put all communication between the contractor and the business in a single space, easy to search , update and share.

Endless Possibilities

To see how apps like this can work for your business simply substitute "Construction Business" for your business name and replace "Training Database" with Order Form, or Delivery Acceptance, or CV/Resume and you can see where tools like these can change how we do business. The possibilities are endless whether you manage a small engineering business, a school, training company or any other small business.

This is the productivity increase that a small business can get from using just some of the many tools available today, not just from Apptimi, but hundreds of Cloud software suppliers. - From CRM, to databases, collaboration and messaging there is no reason to be still stuck with paper and the benefits are huge.


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