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Why cloud computing is killing the T in IT

2 days.  That's all it took to migrate our applications and database from our Windows server to Azure and that included some coding to re work the encryption parts.  That's 2 days to go fully cloud hosted. We now have no system admin, we have no database admin. We don't have to keep windows or any other OS patched and up to date, we don't have to monitor the database servers, carry out server maintenance,watch disk space. That's all at an end. What cloud and Azure has helped us do is focus on delivering the application to the customer, which is after all, what our business is all about. We shouldn't be putting money into managing infrastructure or employing teams of IT support specialists. We are now free to focus on the customer and the application and leave all the T in technology to our cloud provider. The question is: What does this trend do for all the IT managers and IT specialists out there? As more and more business moves from on-premise solutions