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I don't need a customer care app... or do I?

Something to think about:
- 220B emails sent every day - Growing at 6-7% every year - 55% business related. - Facebook Messenger/Twitter messages of growing importance to businesses - Over 20% of website owners are unsure where messages from their site end up - Messages for operations make up over 50% of all incoming email Think of all the email addresses you see on websites - Hello@, Contact@, Sales@, Booking@, Events@, Support@, Operations@, accounts@, Careers@, Orders@, bugs@ , Feedback@, press@ , partners@ , marketing@.

And now with GDPR here to stay what about SAR@ or Privacy@. Do you know where messages to these email addresses end up in your business and who, if anyone , is responding to them?

Your customers are your business. Whether you’re a tech giant, an accountancy practice or small distributor, keeping track of messages from your customers, and more importantly, responding to those messages is crucial to keeping your customers happy. You need to quickly see messages whether they a…