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From customer pain point to solution in 30 minutes

Building connections to your customers or suppliers is getting easier - Many new tools are available for the SME to connect and share data, tasks and everything else that crops up during your business day. At Apptimi, w e’re always in conversations with business, listening to their issues , their pain points as we call them. The Pain Point One such customer had a major pain point - Sharing and managing forms with contractors and agency staff - This was a construction management business that managed many outside contractors and needed to record and track their training certifications before permitting them access to sites - Health and Safety training, Climbing at height, specialist training and more. Their current system used paper, lots of paper, th e worlds favorite app Excel and you guessed it, a fax. Managing this process took time. Time from everyone involved including the contractors, admin staff, health and safety and more. When they approached Apptimi looking