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I don't need a customer care app... or do I?

Something to think about: - 220B emails sent every day - Growing at 6-7% every year - 55% business related. - Facebook Messenger/Twitter messages of growing importance to businesses - Over 20% of website owners are unsure where messages from their site end up - Messages for operations make up over 50% of all incoming email Think of all the email addresses you see on websites -  Hello@, Contact@, Sales@, Booking@, Events@, Support@, Operations@, accounts@, Careers@,  Orders@, bugs@ , Feedback@, press@ , partners@ , marketing@. And now with GDPR here to stay what about SAR@ or Privacy@. Do you know where messages to these email addresses end up in your business and who, if anyone , is responding to them? Your customers are your business. Whether you’re a tech giant, an accountancy practice or small distributor, keeping track of messages from your customers, and more importantly, responding to those messages is crucial to keeping your customers happy. You n