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Seeing the wood from the trees!

In my business I get to meet many business owners, from all industries and services. Whether they are IT focused, plumbers, builders, accountants or even schools - Each one has their own needs, their own pain points and their own requirements for their business. The Co nversation Last week I met with a new contact. He was the business owner and was interested in how Apptimi could help him work better. To help him in the discussion he brought along an IT contractor who "spoke my language". The conversation that followed was interesting: The IT pro started first: Q1: Doe's it have an API? Q2: Doe's it export in XML? Q3: If so what standard? Next was the Business owner Q1: Will I need to train my staff Q2: Will I need to spend more on IT integration? Q3: Will it export to Excel and Sage? The Lesson Learned What struck me (once again) was the completely different perspectives on what was required. For the developer it was all abou

Getting A Grip on Your Data

Too much data If you’re a business owner, then you know about data overload. As business owners, we produce way too much data in too many formats yet most of us lack the right  tools to manage all this this data. Whether it’s data generated from invoices, deliveries , time sheets,  expenses , site visits, development tools, customer support and lots of other sources most small businesses need more help to manage this avalanche of critical data. There’s more to data management than Excel Let’s face when, when most business owners are asked what they use to manage some of their most valuable data, the answer is often just Excel. Excel has been the go-to data collection and management tool for so many businesses for so many years. And while Excel is an easy option for the unskilled, it’s no longer of much real value to businesses that want to maximize the value of their data  Push data so you don't have to look for it Sharing is  caring While spreadsheets