Managing health and safety shouldn't be difficult

We hear time and again from business owners that managing health and safety is difficult and takes too much time. The fact is, managing this basic business requirement isn't that difficult and when properly organised will take only a little of you or your staffs time. 

There are some basics to get right first. These are your obligations under law and are the minimum you must do:

Health & Safety Checklist:

  1. Take out employers liability insurance. Make sure you display the certificate where your employees and contract staff can see it.
  2. Assign a competent person to manage your health and safety requirements. A competent person need not be an outside consultant. Any member of your staff who understands the workplace and the health and safety requirements can be viewed as a competent person.
  3. Create your health and safety policy. This is a plan on how you are going to manage your health and safety.
  4. Create your risk assessment. This is a list of anything (a hazard) that can harm an employee, a contractor or a visitor and the chance or risk of this happening. This is your risk assessment.
  5. Consult with your staff and employees on health and safety. Remember that health and safety is a shared responsibility. Your staff need to be aware of any risks and also inform you of new hazards.
  6. Display the health and safety poster in a prominent place so that your staff and visitors can review it.
  7. Put in place first aid arrangements
  8. Maintain an accident log for any workplace accidents
While this may seem like a huge effort it is really isn't and once set up should work with minimum effort. Some of these requirements vary depending on your business size so check the relevant legislation or contact and we can help you.

Record keeping is the key to good health and safety

Remember that the basis of good health and safety is good record keeping. You need to record information such as accidents, hazards, maintenance issues and anything else that impacts the safety in the workplace. In the event of an accident or an audit by the health and safety executive will go a long way to showing how good you are at managing your workplace safety.

Going online

Many of these tasks can be done using a paper based system but moving to electronic format brings many benefits.

  • Record keeping is ensured and backups are always available in the event of an audit
  • Staff can use the tools to record any hazards or maintenance issues and ensure you are made aware of them
  • Maintenance issues can be recorded and fixed before they become a safety hazard
  • Health & Safety policies can be created and shared with your staff regularly
  • Your hazards, risks and safety policies are organised and instantly shareable.

Again good record keeping is the basis of health and safety and having tools available that are easy to use will ensure that your staff will share some of the management load. 

If you have any questions on workplace safety you can always contact us @apptimi and we will help you in any way we can. 


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