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Sharing and collaborating online while locking the stable doors

Sharing & Collaborating online while locking the stable doors Collaboration and Cloud go side by side. It's the flexibility of the cloud that let's teams work together and share great contact. But keeping this great content safe and secure in this ever insecure world takes some effort. Why and what do we share? If you think about the sensitive data currently being shared by businesses via insecure email systems and other files sharing tools it starts to get scary. Company and business accounts Tax returns Job offers and HR documents Financial discussions around contracts and transactions Property contract negotiations Legal communications either criminal or civil. Scary stuff indeed! All this takes place on cloud systems that are only as secure as the company that provides the service. A breach of your email service could expose the data from hundreds (or thousands of customers). Think about all the information currently in your "sent" fold

Why a Shared Inbox makes a great forms manager

We've all got forms - they are part of every business and we need them. But managing your forms once they have been filled in and submitted is where most businesses struggle. What you need is a great tool to track your forms and make management simple. Whether it's an expense request, an event signup or a GDPR SAR, everything has to be managed. What our customers want from their forms We've looked at how some of our customers are building great solutions with Forms and a Shared Inbox. From industrial design drawing approvals, to Homecare uniform requests, and school event signups, forms and a Shared Inbox make great partners. Our customers want to be able to manage their forms simply- to be able to have workflow on any form so that messages can be managed by different teams , to be able to reply and respond to any forms right from the Inbox and importantly, keep a full audit log of each form. I'm a customer and I submit a form. Now what? You share a form