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Build any application in 5 minutes with no coding needed

Business applications, web or mobile tend to take a long time to design, code and test. They can also cost a lot. Even simple web applications take time and resources which means a lot of businesses either do without or fall back to the age old staple - the mighty spreadsheet. One such example was a local company that built a travel request application - This took them almost 2 months from specification, to design and then implementation . They then had to wait for the software developers to schedule the development. Add in the ongoing support for the application and the costs mount up. And all this for only one app. We set about to change this by building an application builder to give any business the ability to build a form, add in whatever fields required, create business rules around those forms all in something that can have their application up and running in under 5 minutes. But we went a little further by making the forms builder integrate with other applications such as t